Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Golaghat, which stands in the heart of Golaghat, is a premier institution of the town. Donor of the school land : Padmashree Dr. Robin Banerjee, the renowned humanitarian philanthropist of Golaghat and winner of 14 National and International awards, donated the land of the Vidyalaya. His house, adjacent to the school building, popularly known as Uncle Robin’s Natural History Museum, is an important tourist spot of the state. There are as many as 587 dolls collected from across the world and 262 other showpieces gifted to him by different countries present in this museum. There are also as many as 200 of his paintings adorning the museum walls. 19 award-winning photographs that he clicked in different parts of the world, have enriched the museum to a great extent. He made as many as 32 documentaries which are worth to watch.

Please visit Uncle Robin's Natural History Museum website : http://www.unclerobin.in

Unique Features and Best Practices

• As part of “Amrit Surabhi” project the Vidyalaya offered about 5 quintals of rice to V.K. Khatkhati in presence of around 1200 people on 12th January 2009. As a follow-up, a guardian offered 1 quintal rice for the said project in February 2009. The students have achieved the target of collecting rice and sending it to V.K. Khotkhoti under the project almost regularly.

• A 10-day tailoring, cutting, knitting & food processing training programme was conducted at Suagpur, Suklai in 2009. The programme was conducted by Mrs. Mitra Brahmachary (wife of the Principal of the Vidyalaya), Mrs. Minu Saikia(a local resident) & Mrs. Anima Chaliha (mother of a teacher of the Vidyalaya).12 girls participated in this training programme and learnt a number of items.

• The following students have been selected for variousprofessional disciplines. N.D.A.: Kr. Chinmoy Jyoti Bora; MEDICAL: Kr. Yasin S. Emanee, Kum. Sushma Baishya, Kum. Shreyshee Borah and Kum. Shivani Rajguru; NIT: Kr. Ritabrata Thakur, Kum. Ishita Das and Kr. Amitakhya Bhuyan; ENGINEERING: Kr. Abhinandan Borah.

• A group of students started their project of manufacturing Chalk.Now the students have become the permanent Chalk suppliers supplying their produce to various VKVs through VKSPV.

• A group of girls of the school started their project titled “DIVERSITY OF LOCAL EARTHWORMS AND THEIR EFFECTIVENESS FOR VERMI COMPOSTING”. The considerable amount of manure produced through this project is being used in the garden.

• Another group of 6 students (4 boys & 2 girls) have undergoneentrepreneurship training. In the first phase of their project, they have opened ‘Sale counters’ in the school campus & started selling Khatkhoti Kendra products as well as other V.K. materials so as to develop some practical knowledge of sale & purchase, book keeping, accounting etc.

• The Vidyalaya staff celebrate various occasions not only at the school site, but also at various others institutions of Golaghat. They take active part in Uthisthata Jagrata Exam, Vijay hi Vijay, Srimanta Sankardev Progya Protiyogita etc. They also conduct Swadhaya once a month. Yoga classes, 3 Sanskar Vargas and Bhajan Sandhya are other such regular activities of the Vidyalaya staff.

• The Vidyalaya financially assists VKV, Kajalgaon and Uncle Robin’s Museum also.

• As per a ‘one to one special care project’ initiated by the Principal and assisted by the teachers, the slow learners in each class are made to sit by the side of the fast learners in their respective classes. Through this the fast learners look after the slow ones by explaining to them whenever necessary. As a result the bright students became more confident while mutual understanding and follow-feeling also developed.

• Students found speaking in any language other than English in the Vidyalaya campus, is asked to deliver a speech on the topic “Importance of Spoken English” during morning assembly. Teachers keep a watch on the students. As a result, the habit of speaking English in the Vidyalaya campus has improved.

Weekly Tests in each subject are conducted covering the portion done during a particular week. This has been introduced for smooth and effective continuous evaluation and to enable the slow and average learners to perform better & develop confidence.

• A special programme is conducted every year on 12th January for instilling patriotic zeal & love for the country and the countrymen.

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