The prize distribution of Ganit Prajna Pariksha, an appreciation programme for the successful talents in the field of the mathematics organized for the students of Class 6, 7 & 8 was conducted in the premises of VKV Golaghat on 4th of August 2018. The Chief guests for the occasion were Prakhyat Duarah Sir and Akram Hussain from Salikhat Higher Secondary School. The programme started with a welcome speech by Vice principal, Dhan Pradhan. This was followed by a report presentation on the objective of Ganit Prajna Pariksha by Samhita Chanda. Next was a felicitation to the rank holders of the Ganit Prajna Pariksha. To the utmost delight of VKV Golaghat 4 students from class 6, 1 student from class 7 and 4 students from class 8 got rank in the examination and made the entire school proud. Certificates of consolation were also awarded to 57 students from class 6, 47 students from class 7 and 46 students from class 8.


The festival of Janmashtami, widely popular as the day of incarnation of Lord Krishna, was celebrated in the premises of VKV, Golaghat with great vigour and utmost joy. The celebration commenced with the lighting of Dia by our respected Principal Sir.

This was followed by a Bharat Natyam Dance performed by two students of Class UKG which was adorable. An action song was then performed by the students of class 2 gracing the occasion. Next was a speech by Sapna Didi regarding the observance of the festival. The students of class 4 & class 5 then performed a group dance and the rendition of the song was done by the singing group of VKV. Next followed a drama performance by the students of class 4 which was really commendable. After this was a group dance performed by the students of class 6 & class 7 and the conclusion of the entire ceremony was done after the distribution of Prasad.

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Madhavdev tithi was observed today at VKV Golaghat premises with profound joy, a beautiful programme was observed in the primary assembly, 

which commenced with a mellifluous Borgeet by the students of class 4 and 5,following this a speech was delivered by Adrita Rani Hazarika of class 4 and thus this way the observation was concluded.



The festival of Rakshabandhan was celebrated in the premises of VKV, Golaghat with profound joy. 

A beautiful programme was organised celebrating the occasion which commenced with the lighting of the 'Dia'. The students of class 9 then performed a song gracing the moment with fervour.

Following this a speech was delivered by Saranjit Didi emphasizing the moment of celebration and the importance of Rakhi. After this, a glorious dance performance by the students of class 7 galvanized the entire occasion. 

Further keeping in mind of the yearly ritual performed by the VKV fraternity, the students and the teacher's went to visit different places namely- CRPF CampPolice StationGolaghat JailOrphanage HomeNearby School etc. and tied Rakhi to all concerned.



A science exhibition programme was conducted on 25th August 2018, by VKV Golaghat for the students of Classes 6 to 10. The exhibition was viewed upon bringing out the inherent skills of the students and uplifting their knowledge about science. For this purpose the students were categorised into junior and senior sections.

The junior section comprised of the students from classes 6 to 8 and the senior section comprised the students from classes 9 and 10. A total of 33 groups were formed with the junior section consisting of 20 groups and senior section consisting of 13 groups.

The demonstration of the projects received much praise from the scrutinisers and they were much elated of the student’s skills and ideas. Innovative projects such as Rain water harvesting, Energy production from waste materials, Tesla coil for wireless mobile charging received much acclaim along with other projects.



A vaccination programme was conducted on 21st of August 2018 in the VKV, Golaghat school premises. The programme laid emphasis on the disease Rubella Measles caused by rubella virus and it was organized by the Health and Family Welfare Departmemt, Govt of Assam.

It was coordinated by Mrs. Lakhi Konwar( L.H.S, SKKCH) and students from class UKG to class VIII were enrolled for it.

The awareness of the disease and its prevention was communicated amongst the students and as many as 1098 of them got enrolled out of which 876 students were vaccinated. The vaccination programme received widespread acclaim from the students and their parents and henceforth the entire VKV, Golaghat fraternity would like to express sincere gratitude to Govt of Assam in this regards.



Vivekananda Kendra Shiksha PrasarVibhag, Guwahati recently assigned a SOCIAL SCIENCE EXPLORATORY PROJECT to its students from class 7 to class 11 with a view to providing them an insight into the families of their locality and the functioning of their social structure. The survey was conducted in our school on 20th of August 2018.

With this objective the student of VKV Golaghat school were divided into a group of 10-15 and the total no of groups were 35.
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A group teacher was assigned for supervision and the 1st  phase of the project was conducted which emphasized knowing the families of the locality. As many as 21 places were visited during the tour and the students were introduced to different families.

A questionnaire was also provided to each of the students for appraisal. The families were asked several questions regarding their occupation, family members, toilet system, engagement in social activities, agriculture, art& craft etc which inculcated a basic knowledge about their social life, among the students.
The VKV,Golaghat is happy for the smooth conduction of the 1st phase of the social science exploratory project and offers congratulations to the students and teachers for their active participation.