World Environment day was held in VKV Golaghat premises on 5th of June 2018. 
The theme this year is  Beat Plastic Pollution

Students Present Saplings at KKBB School
Students offering saplings at Prayash Academy

Followed by this the other events started off, like plantation in our school by Vice Principal Shri Dhan Pradhan Sir, along with the students of class 1and 2.
Plantation at Vidyalaya Campus

Following this art and craft competition from waste material by primary students, followed by a welcome address by Prajukta saikia, skit performance by senior houses on the theme environment.
Skit Performance by our students

 A speech was delivered on the importance of world environment by Bagmita Handique. And hence it was successfully concluded with a documentary relevant to world environment day, which was enjoyed thoroughly by the students and faculty members, resulting in lots of positive hopes among the school fraternity.



The results of the AISSE (10th board exams) 2018  has been out on the 29th of May 2018. As usual VKV Golaghat's results in the 10th board exams has been spectacular. This year, out of 90 students that appeared in the 10th board exams, 88 passed the exams with an aggregate pass percentage of 97. 77%. Of this, 15 students were able to secure above 90% of marks, 18 above 80%,24 above 70%,13 above 60%,15 above 50% and last but not the least 3 students were able to secure above 40% of marks. Dikhit Raj Hazarika secured the highest percentage of 97.2% in the entire batch and 76 students out of the 88 students that passed the AISSE exams were able to secure 80% marks(letter marks)  in at least one subject.

Percentage Range
No. of students
89.9 – 80
49.9- 40


The results of the AISSCE (12th board exams) 2018 has been out on the 26th of May 2018. VKV Golaghat's results this year too has been quite amazing as the previous years.

 A total of 22 students appeared this year from the Science stream, out of which 21 students passed out resulting in a pass percentage of 95.45%.Out of the 21 students that passed, all 21 of them were placed in the first division, with no students being placed in the second and third divisions. Prerna Chandak topped the Science stream school results with the highest average percentage of 92.6%.The subject with the highest average marks was Computer Science with an average score of 90.57 followed by 83.95 in English, 83.77 in Chemistry, 82.40 in Physical Education, 73.18 in Physics, 68.23 in Biology, and last but not the least 53.50 in Mathematics.

In the Commerce stream, there had been a 100% pass percentage this year with all the 11 students that appeared in the examinations passing out successfully. Out of the 11 students that passed out, 8 were placed in the first division and 3 in the second division leaving no students in the third division. Prajukta Das secured the highest average percentage of 83% in the school Commerce stream results. The subject with the highest average marks this year in the school AISSE results was Physical Education with an average school score of 78 followed by 72 in IP, 70.82 in English, 69.09 in Business Studies, 61.64 in Economics, 54.73 in Accountancy and last but not the least 33 in Mathematics.



A PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT CAMP for the class 6 students was held for five days from the 22nd to the 26th of May 2018.
Bouddhik Satra in Progress 

The camp started off with the Prarthana followed by the inaugural speech of the Principal Sir which consisted of a few words on the purpose of the camp, advice to learn about Swami Vivekananda and his virtues to the utmost and the ways to become a good citizen of the nation. Following this, the other programs of the camp kicked off beginning with the Bouddhik Satra followed by the Bouddhik Vishleshan, Karyashala, Yogabhyash, Alpahar, Geet/Bhajan Slokabhyas, Sanskar Varga, Bhajan & Meditation and ended with the Kendra Prarthana.

Participating Students

Students Performance during a game
The concluding ceremony of the camp began with the Mangalacharan followed by the welcome speech by Shri Dhan Pradhan, Vice Principal of VKV Golaghat. This was further followed by the Shivir geet which was then followed by the sharing of the camp experience by two representatives from the students Himanshi Todi and Tushar Cobra.
Students Performing YOGA
Further, the concluding ceremony included Bhupendra Sangeet by Abhishmati & Co followed by a speech by the Chairman of Vidyalaya Managing Committee, Golaghat Shri Prakhyat Duwara. This was further followed by a Surya Namaskar, Shri Ratul Sir's Samaj and finally it concluded with the Shanti Mantra by Meghali didi. Altogether, the camp was a successful one resulting in lots of positive hopes among the school fraternity.

Badminton and Table Tennis Coaching

A Badminton and Table Tennis coaching was held on in VKV Golaghat from 15th March 2018 to 13th April 2018.

The Coaching classes were Organised for class III and IV, there were total 81 participants in badminton and 17 participants in Table Tennis.

Sri Subhrajit Singha and Sri Gama Pegu are imparting the training in Table Tennis and Badminton respectively