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VIVEKANADA KENDRA VIDYALAYAs are Vidyalayas with a difference. With the noble ideals of Man Making and Nation Building these schools of Vivekananda Kendra have really come to stay. They do not only strive for academic excellence but also involve teachers and students in Man Making and Nation Building activities. These are centres of extra-ordinary fervour and excellence in terms of value education, instilling in students the sense of righteousness, discipline, duty to the society and the Motherland. VKVs also cultivate in the students love and respect for the nation’s age-old and rich cultural heritage. On the other hand, the students in VKVs garner the maximum benefits from the vast resources of the nation’s glorious past as well as the IT age the country is striding into presently, by means of disciplines such as Yoga and Computer Science. The VKVs also lay equal emphasis on campus development, its beautification and provide students with all facilities for their all round development.

Vivekananda Kendra is a spiritually oriented Service Mission. As a voluntary organisation, it serves the humanity after the ideals of Swami Vivekananda. It serves the nation through its Man-making and Nation-Building projects such as Educational projects like APT and VKSPV, Cultural and Sustainable Development Programmes and through more than 225 branch centres located across India.