Language cum Science Workshop

Language cum Science Workshop was held at VKV Golaghat from 22nd to 25th of February 2018. On the very first day that is on 23rd it started with an interactive session on communicative grammar teaching where the participants learnt about perspective and pedagogy, Linguistic Definition and effective class room teaching.  Hence the participants gathered a lot of knowledge during this entire session
On 24th the topic was “Learning by Discovery” which mainly focused on developing a scientific temper, How we can help the child understand the world around him the effort which we can put in, to develop the scientific sprit in the mind of a child. Following the first Satra, the second Satra began with Card activity through stories and different ways of storytelling and also the areas which we have to put effort like diction, voice modulation etc. And on the 2nd Satra the main focus was on teachers’ proficiency development modes, improvement of teaching styles strategies. Thus it was a very informative workshop to those pertaining to science and language.

And with a small closing ceremony the three days workshop was concluded.