The observance of the occasion of Children's Day was carried out on the 14th November in the VKV, Golaghat campus in a joyous and spirited manner.
Several activities and programmes formed the core of celebration with active participation from the students as well as the teacher's.

In the presence of our vice principal Dhan Pradhan Sir the celebration started with the students of class IV and V performing a group dance. This was then followed by a speech from Nitashree Didi as she laid emphasis on the importance of the occasion.

Next was a drama act performed by the students of class III, IV & V. An audio story telling act was then performed by the teacher's and this was followed by a group dance performance by the teacher's as well.

After the observation, a book reading competition and storytelling competition was organised for the secondary students (class VI to IX). After its completion an animated movie was then showcased for the primary children and the celebration of the momentous occasion concluded with a football match between teachers’ and students of class X & XI.