Vivekananda Kendra Shiksha PrasarVibhag, Guwahati recently assigned a SOCIAL SCIENCE EXPLORATORY PROJECT to its students from class 7 to class 11 with a view to providing them an insight into the families of their locality and the functioning of their social structure. The survey was conducted in our school on 20th of August 2018.

With this objective the student of VKV Golaghat school were divided into a group of 10-15 and the total no of groups were 35.
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A group teacher was assigned for supervision and the 1st  phase of the project was conducted which emphasized knowing the families of the locality. As many as 21 places were visited during the tour and the students were introduced to different families.

A questionnaire was also provided to each of the students for appraisal. The families were asked several questions regarding their occupation, family members, toilet system, engagement in social activities, agriculture, art& craft etc which inculcated a basic knowledge about their social life, among the students.
The VKV,Golaghat is happy for the smooth conduction of the 1st phase of the social science exploratory project and offers congratulations to the students and teachers for their active participation.